As a fashion designer in Manhattan, I spend my days balancing the unexpected tasks of the fast paced apparel industry. Everything from embroidery color options to lace cost challenges, I'm never sure where the day might take me. Over the course of four years, I've discovered that the sketch time before the rush of the day is my favorite part of the design process. With the inspiration of streetwear fashion in New York there is always an opportunity for a sketch. It is time to combine my love of fashion and art...Whodrew!
Growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio, my passion for drawing, painting, and sketching began at a young age. I can't remember a birthday or holiday without opening a set of calligraphy pens, paint sets, or oil pastels. Still today... a new set of Windsor and Newton watercolors from my parents for my 27th birthday! On nights and weekends, I turn the corner of my small Upper East Side apartment into a makeshift "art studio." Creating is something I enjoy, pursue, and have come to rely on as a part of everyday life. 
After designing custom illustrations for numerous friends and acquaintances, I'm ready to share this with all of you in a new way, online. 
Feel free to email (info@whodrew.com) if you have any questions, custom requests, or collaborations of any kind. Hope you enjoy these drawings as much as I've enjoyed creating them.
Love, Peggy