Hello,  My name is Peggy McGrath. I am originally from Cincinnati. Whodey! I moved to New York City, straight after college for a fashion design career with American Eagle Outfitters.  I spent eight years with American Eagle, and truly loved every day. The fast paced work style, amazing partnerships, unforgettable travel opportunities (India 20x!) and the day to day creative challenges kept me on my toes.  In 2016, I started Whodrew as a side business; illustrating calendars and showcasing my watercolors on Instagram (whodrewnyc). Each month and year got a little busier and I equally became more invested and excited by the opportunities.  In August of 2019, I parted with American Eagle to focus on Whodrew full time.  As Whodrew is evolving, I will stay true to myself and all of you. I will always value quality and originality. If you are inspired by bodega flowers, fancy coffee sleeves, new york city fashion, vintage wallpaper, feminine print and pattern, and watercolor fine art then we are IN BUSINESS! Please reach out on the contact page and I will get back to you! Thank you for checking out my website!

Sincerely, Peggy